Aller Aqua Returns to China Market Driven by Soaring Demand

Compared to ten years ago that Aller Aqua was forced to leave China market due to the Chinese Act of banning feed imports, today its return evidently comes with a more long-term planning - in the next two years, a feed factory will be built in Qingdao with 3-4 tons capacity to achieve the localization of production and sales.
Aller Aqua accounts for 45% market share in Denmark, enough to see that its products do excellent job in the aspects of quality, environmental protection, etc.
It is said that returning to China, Aller Aqua will first focus on the relatively intensified high-grade fish feed market, mainly to supply fish feed for cold water fish–for example fish feed for sturgeon, rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon and so on.
This careful practice of Aller Aqua proves that China enjoys a huge potential market for aquarium and fish feed. Undoubtedly, it’s high time for international enterprises to grasp this unprecedented opportunity to expand China market.
On May 9-11, 2015 at China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou International Aquarium Show 2015 (GIAS2015) will be a perfect window for you to watch the moving trends of aquarium market as well as a golden chance to broaden your business in China.
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