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Venue : Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta - Indonesia Opening Hours : 9 – 11 October 2019: 10.00 – 18.00 WIB Staging Cycle : Annual Exhibitor Registration : To become an exhibitor, kindly fill out the form at exhibitor registration option and our team will contact you shortly Dress Code : Office/ Work Attire Visitor Registration : All visitors are required to register their visit. We encourage you to pre-register your visit online at visitor registration option in order to save time and be better prepared with regular updates on the exhibition Admission : Open to trade visitors and professionals only. Admission is free by registration.

Start Date : 09 Oct 2019
End Date : 11 Oct 2019
Venue : Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta - Indonesia
City / Country : Jakarta , Indonesia
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Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta - Indonesia
Jakarta , Indonesia
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Komp Perkantoran Graha Kencana Blok Ch-ci. Jl Raya Pejuangan No 88 - Jakarta - Indonesia
Tel : + 622153660804

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About International Indonesia Seafood & Meat (IISM) : DISCOVER THE BEST PLATFORM FOR COLD CONNECTION INDUSTRY! The specialized conference and expo for seafood & meat industry promises to be an excellent platform to forge business alliances, showcase your products & services and to interact with traders within the region. IISM will be the right occasion to meet all the potential buyers, traders and decision-makers from all levels and sectors of cold connection industry. An Overview of The Indonesian economy Indonesia can look forward to an easier 2014, as the nation’s economic fundamentals looks set to improve across the board. GDP is expected to grow 5.8 percent and the current deficit should narrow as the trade balance recovers. Inflation should drop to safer levels with no further fuel-price hikes for the year. A lower Rupiah, tighter credit conditions and slower GDP growth will make Indonesia’s economy less dependent on domestic consumption, foreign investment and commodity exports. The situation The Indonesian population continues to expand and it is predicted that the boom may possibly hit 280 million in the year 2030. As such, there exists a very real problem to feed the exponential increases in population growth. The Pressing Problem The government's target of national production in the seafood sector in 2014 is 19.6 million tons, growing at a rate of 20% a year. This excludes the 6.5 million tons of seaweed production which does not require conditioning. In the beef sector (meat), the government is targeting 580 thousand tons of beef and poultry (chicken and poultry) 3.7 million tons. This translates to an increase of 7-10 % a year. The drive to increase production aims to reduce imports substantially. However, the national cold storage capacity in 2013 is only 7.2 million tons of seafood products and 398 thousand tons for beef and 1.9 million tons for poultry. The capacity growth is only 10 % a year. Clearly, there is a MISMATCH issue of capacity of storage versus production. The Solution and An Opportunity International Indonesia Seafood and Meat Conference and Expo Focusing on Cold Connection (IISM) is conceived and planned to facilitate the meat and seafood industries as well as the cold chain system of storage and refrigeration facilities. This event is tailored specific to buyers and suppliers of fresh, frozen, packaged and value added seafood and meat products, equipment and services. It provides a platform of exchange and bridges access from interested buyers to ready suppliers from all over the world in the seafood and meat industries along with the cold connection hardware. .

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1. Fresh & Frozen Seafood and Meat 1.1 Frozen seafood and meat products 1.2 Processed & Canned Seafood and Meat 1.3 Dried Seafood 2. Processing Machinery and Equipment 2.1 Processing Equipment 2.1.1 All kinds of cold storage 2.1.2 Cold storage components and assembled parts 2.1.3 Refrigeration compressors 2.1.4 Air coolers 2.1.5 Ice machine 2.1.6 Frozen equipment 2.1.7 Nitrogen machine 2.1.8 Freeze-drying equipment 2.1.9 Vacuum freeze-drying technology 2.1.10 Cooler 2.1.11 Chiller 2.1.12 Freezer 2.1.13 Low temperature freezing 2.1.14 Pressure pre-cooling, 2.1.15 Vacuum cooling, 2.1.16 Condenser, 2.1.17 Aluminum pipes, 2.1.18 Pumps and fans, 2.1.19 Testing equipment, 2.1.20 Cold storage automation technology 2.1.21 Butcher machines 2.1.22 Slicing and portioning machines 2.1.23 Cleaning equipment 2.2 Processing Machinery 3. Packaging and Labelling Suplies 3.1 Packaging Material 3.1.1 Plastics wrap 3.1.2 Carton packaging 3.1.3 Deep freeze packaging 3.1.4 Display packages 3.1.5 Labels and label supply 3.1.6 Folding boxes 3.1.7 Vacumm packaging materials 3.2 Packaging Equipment 3.2.1 Aseptic packaging equipment 3.2.2 X-ray scanner 3.2.3 Vacumm packaging machines and equipment 3.2.4 Conveyors 3.2.5 Check weighing devices and equipment 3.2.6 Carton box packaging 3.2.7 Barcode technology and RFID technology 3.3 Packaging Machinery 3.3.1 Sealing machines 3.3.2 Shrink wrapping machines 3.3.3 Label making machines 4. Refrigeration Supplies Machinery 4.1 Mobile refrigerated containers, 4.2 Display cabinets, 4.3 Fresh cabinet, 4.4 Professional cabinets, 4.5 Explosion-proof refrigerator freezer, 4.6 Fresh retail equipment, 4.7 Temperature control 4.8 Thermal insulation technology 4.9 Humidification & dehumidification 4.10 Low temperature instruments 4.11 Refrigeration boxes 4.12 Ice packs 4.13 Cold packs and other cold storage materials 4.14 Vehicle refrigeration units and components 4.15 Cold storage and refrigerated transportation management systems, 4.16 Cold chain distribution and procurement systems, 4.17 Food safety tracing system; 5. Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services 5.1 Rail carriers, 5.2 Rail transport agent or partner; 5.3 Air: airlines, 5.4 Air cargo agents; 5.5 Shipping: shipping carriers, shipping agents; combined transport 5.6 Waterage: sea or waterway transport companies or waterway freight agent, 5.7 Rail road, highway or rail- sea combined transport 5.8 Refrigerated trucks 5.9 Vehicle refrigeration units and components 5.10 Storage & warehouse.

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Visitor profile • Agents & Distributors • Whole salers & Retailers • Large & Small Supermarket • Catering Services • Hospital, Hotel & Resort • Exporters & Importers • Manufacturers & Processors • Restaurant, Bar & Club • Investors • Research Technology • Storage, Transport & Logistics Experts • Government, Association & Institution.

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