18 Sep 2009 to 20 Sep 2009
ASB Showgrounds, New Zealand


18 Sep 2009 to 20 Sep 2009

Tradeshow Profile:
Advanced auto speedshow systems, auto, work auto, canoes, row auto, deck fittings, diving products & accessories, Fishing products, luxury Auckland, speed, power & pleasure auto, Auckland accessories, auto & Auckland insurance, auto charters, design/construction, auto chandlers, auto exhibition companies & auto show organizers, repair yards, Cruise holiday operators & aqua tourism service providers, auto & auto sports clubs

Start Date: 18 Sep 2009
End Date: 20 Sep 2009
Venue: Asb Showgrounds
City / Country: Auckland, New Zealand

Fair Location:
Asb Showgrounds
Auckland, New Zealand

Fair Organizer:
Po Box. 33542, Takapuna - Fielding - New Zealand
Tel : + 64-9-4453179

Tradeshow Highlights :
Auto-Motor parts, accessories & components, air conditioning systems, batteries, cooling systems, electromechanical parts & systems, hand tools, hydraulic equipment, pneumatic systems, power tools, safety wear, tyres, transmission systems, wheel alignment, audio/visual equipment, cab styling, car care product & services, car interior & finish products, hobbies and kit cars, paint and coatings, performance engines, racing gear & branded accessories

Exhibitor's Profile :
Vehicle accessories, special equipment, tuning, performance systems, design refinement. Repair & automotive services - equipment for vehicle service and repair, bodywork repair and painting, garage building and management, refuelling and care, disposal and recycling

Visitor's Profile :
Navy & coast guard, tourism, fisheries, sports, forest & inland waterways departments, boat builders & dealers, ports & harbours, underwater diving & salvage services, hotels/resorts with water frontage, tour operators, marine educational centres & diving schools, adventure clubs, yachting & sailing clubs, amusement & water parks, boating enthusiasts

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